Detailing Services and Rates

Complete Automotive Detail

For that fresh off the showroom floor look

Truck, SUV, Van – $245.00

Includes all services as described below for exterior Detail, Interior Detail and Freshen Up Detail.

(Hand wash, clean wheels, whitewalls, wheel wells, polish, clean and wax paint. Clean upholstery seats, carpets, mats, clean. Condition leather, clean and dress door panels, dashboard and center console. Clean all windows and mirrors.)

Freshen Up Detail

Interior or Exterior

Car – $99.99

Truck, SUV, Van – $124.99
*cost for mobile service

Designed as maintenance after Complete Full detail (recommended every two weeks)

Hand wash, clean wheels and whitewalls, clean windows and mirrors, vacuum interior, spot/clean carpets, dress interior, spray wax, dress tires.

Interior Detail

Car – $110.00

Truck, SUV, Van $125.00

The interior leather and vinyl is cleaned and dressed. Fabric seats and carpeting are vacuumed and cleaned. Finally, door jams, trunk area and interior windows are cleaned.

Exterior Detail

Car – $110.00

Truck, SUV, Van $125.00

Hand wash, clean wheels and whitewalls, clean wheel-wells. Oxidation & Minor Scratches are removed with cleaner wax. The finish is then polished with 100% Carnauba Wax. Finally the rubber dressing, door jams, wheels & wells are polished and dressed. Exterior windows are cleaned.

Complete Motorcycle Detail

$74.99 to $99.99

Engine, frame, underneath, wheels & rims de-greased

All rust, water stains, boot marks etc. are removed

Bike is washed from top to bottom

All paint is waxed, polished, and sealed

All metals are polished, and sealed

All nooks and cranny’s are cleaned

Tires are cleaned and dressed

All leather is cleaned and conditioned

Complete Camper

Exterior Detail
$20-30 Per Linear Foot

Complete Camper/RV/Bus/Boat Exterior & Interior Detail
$30- 40 Per Linear Foot

Wash & Rinse the entire RV, including the roof & awnings
Buff the complete exterior
Wax/Polish the entire exterior surface of your RV
Seal the roof of your RV with a UV blocking, RV roof sealant
Clean tires and rims & shine tires
Clean ALL exterior window surfaces

Vacuum carpets and remove stains
Clean all interior windows
Clean bathroom, fridge, oven, etc.

Engine Cleaning

*cost for mobile service


We Come To You!

We’ll need water and electric at your preferred location.


Vehicles with third row seats are an extra charge.

Extremely soiled vehicles are an extra charge.

Lifted vehicles or extreme off road vehicles are not included in listed pricing, much call for an estimate.

Pet hair removal is an extra charge.

Commercial Vehicles are not included in listed pricing, must call for an estimate.

Trucks larger than a 1/2 ton are an extra charge

Mini Vans and Vans are an extra charge.

Large SUV’s are an extra charge.

Once scheduled and detail technician arrives to perform detail but you change your mind, a min. charge of $100.00 will be charged.

48 hour cancellation policy is in effect. Any thing less than 48 hours will be charged a cancellation fee of $50.00.

Inclement weather or the prediction of inclement weather will effect your appointment.

Appointments are first come first serve.

We only service a 40 mile radius from Mickleton, NJ. 08056.  A mileage charge will be charged at $2.00 per mile above the 40 mile radius.

Excess Tolls will also be charged if incurred while traveling to your chosen location.

Electrical and water must be available at your chosen location not more than 50 feet from your vehicle being detailed.