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WOW Mobile Detailing was officially started in 2000 as many family, friends, and acquaintances urged me to maintain their vehicles appearances. Before this time I was very detail oriented and liked my own vehicles to look their best at all times since purchasing my first motor cross bike in 1984 at the age of fourteen. I would race on the weekends and spend all week long cleaning my motor cross bike for the next weekend, this of course carried over to my first automobile a 1988 Ford Mustang GT hatchback.

I would never let that car show a sign of dirt on it, but at the time I used over the shelf products to maintain my vehicle. As I aged along with my first vehicle and soon other vehicles, I learned that better products were available and started to use them. This lead me, at the request of others, to clean & maintain their vehicles since I set a high standard on maintaining a vehicles appearance.

Soon though all my spare time was being spent on others vehicles and my primary source of employment (construction). A decision had to be made and with the help of family & friends WOW Mobile Detailing was born.

We offer custom detailing and appearance maintenance packages for individuals that expect and demand only the best care for their vehicles. Our services are offered by our mobile detailing shop. Call and schedule an appointment and see what your vehicle should look like.

Wow Mobile Detailing
Mickleton NJ. 08056